let this sink in...

you're not too ugly

The truth is you don't need to change a thing! Big businesses and the media are exploiting our insecurities to make money out of us. They want to make us think we are broken so we pay them to fix us, the fact of the matter is we never were flawed in the first place, we were human. Beauty & attractiveness comes in all shapes and sizes and it's not a cookie cut out replica of one thing, it's in the quirks and the idiosyncracites we all hold as individuals. Love your individuality, there is only and will only ever be one you.


It's not easy to change how you think when you have had years of being bombarded with lies 24/7 these 

challenges will help change your mindset which we too are taking up, we're on this journey with you.

beauty is more than skin deep
the song - in your arms