This is a site dedicated to all things that say I'm 'NotPlayingTheGame'...So have a look around, stick on a brew and fill you senses with some good news! :)

If like us you are tired of the media and society dictating what we 'should' be and promoting only one stream of what beauty and strength is, then join with us and our campaign...


Being different is AMAZING. It is far better to be yourself than be a cardboard cut-out of the media mold, sure what they promote can be good but it's not the only thing of worth. That's why we are saying if you don't have the 'right' look or size or age or muscles, well then... you're more than ok with us! In fact don't change a thing! You're perfect just as God made you.

Yes definitely it's ok to be into fashion and make-up and enjoy the creative expression that those things bring but as long as you know that it doesn't have to define you. Coming from someone who used to go NOWHERE without being fully made up it's been a challenge but that's what this is about..challenging ourselves to BE ourselves.  That's why we want your #NoMakeUpSelfie and #LOLPics (let's be less serious about the superficial things and more serious about the important things right!) So go for it and we will reply with something we like about each photo!

Guys, you too! We want you to join our campagin..let's see your #NoHairGel Selfies and know that we are proud of you guys everytime you become the bigger man and step down from a silly fight...Ok it is great when you save those in need, but let us know about a time when you've shown true strength in being the bigger guy instead of reacting like you think you have to! Go on, dare you guys to share...

Well everyone struggles with different things and we’re not saying it’s easy, but this is the place where we challenge each other to be ourselves and try to let go of the lies and false ideas about what it is to be ok and have worth in the eyes of the media.


We’re really passionate about this stuff, but we can’t do it without you - So if you’re bold enough and you’re up for the challenge - stand with us today to say ‘I’m Not Playing the Game’! Send us your views, ideas and challenge us back!! Poets send us your poems, writers - your stories, musicians - your songs or anybody - any other material, photos or blogs..We want to hear from you!


Wishing you a great day today..soaking in every precious moment whether stuck on a computer, working or having a day off, may you get a chance to see the skyline, treasure being alive and every breath you take, may you be happy in your skin, and know you are perfect just the way you are in this very moment!..God bless!


Adrienne & Fern xx

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